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Hi!  I'm a seven year old girl and I'm in second grade this year.  I made this web site for kids to enjoy.  It can help you with your homework, learn about science, and play fun educational games.

I have several pets I'd like to tell you about.  The one I've had the longest is my pet bird, Mr. Greenjeans.  He is very loud and he can say a few words like my name, and "give me a kiss".  My Grannie taught him that last one.  Oh, and he's green!

Here he is!

The next one is my cat, Flower.  He is a black cat that we found when he was a kitten.  We found him in a parking lot, covered in fleas.  I could hold him in one hand!  Look at him now!

He grew fast and he is still growing!

I have two pet mice.  Their names are Pip and Pop!  They were supposed to be snake food but I saved them from the pet store! 

This is Pip!

This is Pop!